30 Best Soup Recipes

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30 Best Soup Recipes

Soup has to be one of the most basic, frugal foods there is. Take any bits of leftover meals, add a few enhancements and plenty of flavorful liquid, and presto! It’s a whole new meal. Those “stone soup” recipes are some of the best ones out there. But don’t stop there! While soup can be an extremely budget-friendly choice, there are also planned soups that don’t rely on leftovers at all. They’re unique meals in their own way, and we have recipes for just about any variety of soup you can imagine. We’ve grouped them into sections: our popular favorites, Mexican-inspired soups, chicken, vegan, vegetarian, creamy, and healthy choices all have their spot to shine.

Our Most Popular Soup Recipes

Collage of popular 30 best soup recipes

These are the ones that repeatedly get the most views and five-star reviews. Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Soup, Lentil Soup, Sausage Potato Soup, Chicken Parm Soup and Broccoli Cheddar Soup have stood the test of time and have the clicks to show for it! Our favorite soup recipes just may become your favorites, too!

1. Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Soup

With over 200 rave reviews, this Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Soup is insanely popular– and for good reason! It is hearty, creamy, and packed with flavor!

One reader said: “Oh my gosh, this is the best Mexican soup I’ve ever made or tasted! I described it to my friend as “award winning”! 🙂 thank you SO much for this awesome recipe. Delicious!!”

2. Lentil Soup

This Lentil Soup has gone viral on social media and there is no question why; people go crazy for this delicious, flavorful, and healthy soup!

One reader said: “This soup is so insanely delicious. I’ve been sitting here, eating leftovers for lunch (still just as good if not better the next day!) trying to find words that would do it justice. I’m at a loss. I want to send the recipe to everyone I know and tell them to make it right away. Every single flavor just blends together so amazingly well. So glad I ran across your site and this recipe!”

3. Sausage Potato Soup

Sausage Potato Soup is always a site favorite. You’re going to love our take on the traditional “cheeseburger soup.”

One reader said: “Oh man, this soup is absolutely delicious. I have made it numerous times. This is my husband’s favorite recipe for soup. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s definitely a must !! This is what’s for dinner tonight !! Thank you for sharing Chelsea.”

4. Chicken Parmesan Soup (In 20 Minutes!)

This quick and easy Chicken Parmesan Soup can be ready in about 20 minutes! It’s so popular, packed with flavor, good-for-you ingredients, and all the best flavors from chicken Parm!

One reader said: “Made this twice now. Super easy and nourishing.”

5. Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Everyone needs a good Broccoli Cheddar Soup recipe in their back pocket and trust me, this is the best. Just read the reviews! 

One reader said: “Aaaahhhhmazing! My whole family loved this soup. I doubled the recipe and didn’t have quite enough cheese, but it worked fine. The spice combination is divine, thank you for this recipe. Definitely going in my recipe box!”

Mexican-Inspired Soup Recipes

Collage of Mexican-Inspired Soup Recipes

Seems like everyone loves Mexican-inspired foods, so it’s no surprise that our Mexican soup recipes are big hits on the site. These soups feature tortillas, taco ingredients, salsa and are made in regular pots, slow cookers and instant pots. Take a look and try a few. I bet you’ll be a fan, too!

6. Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup is the easiest, dump-it-all-in-and-forget-about-it kind of meal! It’s so popular and delicious!

One reader said: “Made your tortilla soup tonight in the Instant Pot. We doubled the recipe and it was the best soup I have ever had. My husband– who is not a big fan of soup– has already had 4 bowls. Thanks.”

7. Chicken Taco Chili

This Chicken Taco Chili is always a hit wherever we bring it! It has chicken, beans, veggies, and plenty of good spice!

One reader said: “This. Recipe. Is. Amazing. I’ve tried several different types of taco chili and this one takes the cake! My husband can’t get enough of it. I can’t wait to make it again! Thanks for this!”

8. Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Chicken Soup

This healthy Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Chicken Soup is crazy flavorful and it can all be prepped in less than 10 minutes– just dump it all and go!

One reader said: “I made this soup by the recipe last fall… And it was an INSTANT hit. It is a staple meal in our house now!!! Thank you for sharing this recipe with everyone!!”

9. Healthy Chicken Tortilla Soup

This Healthy Chicken Tortilla Soup has loads of hidden veggies, shredded chicken, and plenty of protein in the form of quinoa and beans — it’s a powerhouse of good-for-you ingredients!

One reader said: “This is the 3rd soup of yours I’ve made (sweet potato and quinoa, chicken parmesan, and now this one!), and 3 for 3 have been amazing. I love that I can now look to your blog to find a reliably delicious and easy-to-make crockpot soup!! I also love the flavors you tend to use (e.g., Italian, Mexican) because are my favorites too! Keep it up, Chelsea!”

10. Pozole

Try this quick 30-minute Mexican-inspired recipe, Pozole, filled with hominy, pulled pork, and loads of delicious toppings! 

One reader said: “This Pozole soup is unbelievably delicious, it tastes like authentic Pozole and my whole family went crazy for it! Thanks for another great recipe Chelsea”

Chicken Soup Recipes

Collage of Chicken Soup recipes

What is it about chicken that makes it such a great ingredient for soup? Besides being a lean meat that tastes great, chicken is also versatile choice that works with so many flavor blends. Try Chicken Curry Soup, Chicken Pot Pie Soup, Crockpot Chicken Quinoa Soup, Chicken Quesadilla Soup, and Chicken Corn Chowder and leave us a review. As you’ll see below, our viewers know a great soup recipe when they taste it!

11. Chicken Curry Soup

Cozy and comforting Chicken Curry Soup with the most amazing seasoning blend and flavor. Healthy and hearty!

One reader said: “Nothing compares to this Chicken Curry Soup! It’s a winner, maybe my all time favorite soup! It has the best flavor and couldn’t be more delicious! ”

12. Chicken Pot Pie Soup

What is more comforting than a Chicken Pot Pie in soup form? Trust me, this is the ultimate comfort food. It’s so delicious, flavorful, and filling!

One reader said: “I made it today. Great recipe. Absolutely delicious. A very comforting comfort food.”

13. Crockpot Chicken Quinoa Soup

This Crockpot Chicken Quinoa Soup is wildly popular and for good reason! It is nutritious, protein-packed, and filling.

One reader said: “This soup is fantastic! No really- it’s amazingly easy and so warm and comforting. You literally dump all the ingredients into the crock pot and for us, 4 hours later it was done. We left the house, and when we opened the door it smelled like thanksgiving. We plunged into the soup and it was so satisfying and delicious. Thanks so much!”

14. Chicken Quesadilla Soup

A delicious and creamy slow cooker Chicken Quesadilla Soup with quesadilla “croutons.” This is sure to be a hit!

One reader said: “This is by far the best and easiest recipe to make. It is delicious.”

15. Chicken Corn Chowder (Slow Cooker)

This Chicken Corn Chowder is such a popular recipe on the site. It couldn’t be easier to assemble — we throw everything into a slow cooker, turn it on, and forget about it! 

One reader said: “This was amazing! I doubled the recipe and shared with my neighbors and parents. Everyone LOVED it! I have never been able to find a good corn chowder recipe that had good flavor! Thanks so much!”

Vegan and Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Collage of vegan and vegetarian soups

You don’t need meat in a soup to make it hearty and satisfying. Check out our vegetarian and vegan soups for some great dinner ideas! Tomato Basil Soup, Pumpkin Soup, Carrot Soup, Chickpea Soup, and Sweet Potato Soup all include stick-to-your ribs ingredients that are packed with flavor and nutrition.

16. Tomato Basil Soup

This is the best Tomato Basil Soup recipe out there! It’s loaded with good-for-you ingredients and has the most amazing rich, deep flavor!

One reader said: “Hands down the BEST Tomato Basil soup ever. I love it!”

17. Pumpkin Soup (Canned Pumpkin!)

This tasty Pumpkin Soup is one of the quickest and easiest soups to make — thanks to a shortcut: canned pumpkin! It’s healthy and delicious!

One reader said: “This is my all time favorite soup! I genuinely don’t think it gets better! It’s the perfect combination of flavors! Trust me, give this one a try!”

18. Carrot Soup

This vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free Carrot Soup couldn’t be healthier or more delicious! You’ll love the blend of flavors in this creamy soup.

One reader said: “This soup is delightful! The carrot flavor is present but not overpowering, the coconut milk adds a delightful creaminess. The recipe was straightforward and easy to follow. A wonderfully nutritious main course, definitely will add it to my repertoire of recipes!”

19. Chickpea Soup

Chickpea Soup combines lentils, veggies, and chickpeas in a coconut and curry-seasoned broth. This nourishing soup is packed is naturally vegan and dairy-free!

One reader said: “Very tasty – the soup was very delicious. Makes a lot and my family isn’t as adventurous in their eating as I am; wondering if I can freeze it? And for how long?”

20. Sweet Potato Soup

Creamy and comforting Sweet Potato Soup is healthy, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and absolutely delicious!

One reader said: “Very tasty – the soup was very delicious. Makes a lot and my family isn’t as adventurous in their eating as I am; wondering if I can freeze it? And for how long?”

Creamy Soup Recipes

Collage of creamy soup recipes

Take comfort foods to a whole new level with these creamy soup recipes. These recipes are so smooth and creamy they’re almost a sensual experience! Creamy Chicken Noodle, Creamy Vegetable, Potato Soup, Creamy Chicken Tortellini, and Ham and Potato Soup make you slow down and savor the goodness.

21. Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

This one-pot Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup is thick, hearty, creamy, and completely slurp-able.

One reader said: “I made this soup tonight and it is honestly the best creamy soup I have ever had. I made it exactly how the recipe said and would not change anything. Thank you so much for sharing!”

22. Creamy Vegetable Soup

This insanely popular Creamy Vegetable Soup is sure to be a hit no matter where you take it! It’s kid-friendly and full of vegetables!

One reader said: “This exceeded my expectations. The end product is phenomenal. What a cost-efficient recipe! Also perfect when craving something hearty and wholesome. Thank you so much for posting!”

23. Potato Soup

There is no comfort food quite like a creamy Potato Soup! This soup has all the flavors you know and love, it’s ultra creamy, cheesy, and robustly flavored!

One reader said: “I never leave comments after I make recipes that I’ve found, but my goodness this was delicious. Even better the next day. Two thumbs up. Thanks for the delicious post!!!”

24. Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup

This Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup can be ready in 30 minutes and is sure to be a favorite!

One reader said: “This was off the chart!!! Great taste, easy to make and fun. The wife loved it. Thanks!”

25. Ham and Potato Soup

This is our favorite soup to use leftover Thanksgiving or Christmas ham! It’s so delicious I look forward to it more than the actual holiday ham!

One reader said: “This potato soup has SO MUCH flavor! My husband said it’s the best he’s ever had. And what a great way to use up leftover Easter ham. We loved it.”

Healthy Soup Recipes

Collage of healthy soup recipes

You don’t have to be sick to appreciate a good, healthy soup. Slurping on nutrition-packed meals might even help keep the sniffles at bay! Check out the tastes in Chicken Vegetable, White Bean and Kale,  Chicken and Rice, Vegetables and Ham and all-vegetable standouts like the Best Vegetable Soup and Minestrone. You can taste how good they are!

26. Chicken Vegetable Soup

This is one of the best detox soups out there! It’s so clean, healthy, and delicious! It has a healthy broth base and tons of vegetables.

One reader said: “I made this yesterday and it was delicious!! Thank you so much for the healthy and flavorful recipe! I’m excited to try some more recipes from your site.”

27. White Bean and Kale Soup

This vegetarian soup is loaded with healthy plant-based protein and vegetables. It’s such a well-balanced, healthy, and filling meal!

One reader said: “This soup is so delicious. It is a keeper! I didn’t have kale so I used spinach. Amazing”

28. Chicken and Rice Soup

The perfect hearty, nutritious, and flavor-packed Chicken and Rice Soup that can all be prepped in one pot!

One reader said: “I love soup especially during the cold winter months and this one looks delicious Chelsea! Loving all the bright veggies packed in here and a big hot steaming bowl of this is just perfect for a snowy day like today!”

29. The BEST Vegetable Soup

The Best Vegetable Soup is loaded with tons of veggies, miniature pasta, and a secret ingredient that adds loads of flavor! It can all be ready in 30 minutes!

One reader said: “I think this may be the best homemade soup I have ever eaten. I thought the pesto seemed like a strange thing to add to the soup but it was fantastic. My husband loved it.”

30. Healthy Minestrone Soup

Healthy Minestrone Soup is made with quinoa instead of pasta. It’s loaded with good-for-you veggies and a deliciously seasoned broth.

One reader said: “This minestrone soup is absolutely delicious and the best I have ever made hands-down. I’ve been a vegetarian over 25 years. I did not change anything in the recipe! Thank you for this awesome recipe.”


So what is Stone Soup, anyway? It’s an old folk tale involving a clever person who talked a whole town into creating a wonderful meal!  The story goes that a man came to town looking for food, but was told that nobody had any. He said he could make a soup out of a stone, and the townspeople dared him to do it. So he gathered a big pot, filled it with water,  added a big rock, and set it to simmer. He raved about the aroma and how wonderful it would be, and people grew curious. He then suggested that if they had a bit of leftovers to add, it would be even better. So pretty soon, people were contributing veggies, broth, meat, seasonings….and the soup was indeed delicious. The stone was merely a prop to get everyone else to contribute. Stone soup is another term for leftover soup–one of my favorite ways to clean out the fridge!

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