Bundt Cake

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Two copycat Bundt cake recipes patterned after the famous bakery, Nothing Bundt Cakes. This post includes not one, but two recipes: one for a double-chocolate cake and the other for a vanilla-raspberry Bundt cake.

A Bundt cake gets its name from the pan that shapes the cake into a distinctive donut shape. If you don’t happen to have a Bundt pan, try this chocolate cake recipe or this carrot cake recipe in the meantime, until you do get your hands on a Bundt pan! 🙂

Image of a slice of Double Chocolate Bundt Cake with a spoonful being taken out of it.

The best Bundt cake

Nothing Bundt Cakes was started in Las Vegas and now has over 250 bakeries in the United States. Everyone I know raves about their premium cakes so I thought I’d make a simplified copycat version today–two versions, in fact, in case you have a strong chocolate or vanilla preference.  I’ll also share a few more flavor ideas in this post.

These copycat Bundt cake recipes start with a cake mix and a pudding mix. They are so easy, but yield incredibly moist and flavorful cakes that taste so similar to the originals. In fact, my husband thought I had purchased them from the bakery after trying one!

So while Nothing Bundt Cakes might not deliver in your area, you don’t need that delivery anyway with these recipes.

Process shots-- images of the Copycat Chocolate Bundt Cake being made from scratch. Images include the wet and dry ingredients being mixed together, added to a Bundt pan and baked.

Yes, a regular cake mix works in a Bundt pan, but by adding a few extra ingredients we take the cake from meh to WOW.

My mom is practically famous for her doctored-up cake mix recipes, including the very recipe (with a few small tweaks) I’m sharing today.

Images of a slice of cake being put on a plate.



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