{Flourless & Healthy} Double Chocolate Cookies

A simple double chocolate cookie with no butter, white sugar, oil, OR flour. These cookies are thick, chewy, and filled with good-for-you ingredients.

Healthy Flourless Cookies

Although I’m not gluten intolerant, there are tons of flourless recipes here on Chelsea’s Messy Apron! I’ve had plenty of muffins (peanut butter and banana are my FAVORITE), tons of no-bake breakfast cookies (these ones have been very popular), and now on to baked flourless cookies. This cookie recipe is adapted from and very similar to my peanut butter breakfast cookies. Basically the major change was adding some cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips.

The other big difference? These use coconut sugar. Do NOT be afraid of coconut sugar! It’s a natural sugar that doesn’t taste at all like coconut. In fact, I think it tastes more like brown sugar :) It’s got great health benefits and makes a great substitution for white or brown sugars in a lot of different baked goods. Not all, but it definitely works in these cookies!

Easy Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookies

Double-chocolate: unsweetened cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips. Which, did you know, dark chocolate chips are good for you? Anytime I hear the words chocolate + healthy together, I am soooo on-board.

So these cookies are loaded with them. And then I even topped the unbaked cookies with extra. Definitely do that, because the more chocolate, the better! Plus, they are totally prettier :)

Easy Double Chocolate Flourless Cookies

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Flourless and Healthy (GF) Double Chocolate Cookies
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 12
  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 2/3 cup coconut sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Pinch of salt, omit if your peanut butter is salted
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 cup (plus extra for topping) dark chocolate chips
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. In a medium sized bowl, beat together the peanut butter, coconut sugar, and vanilla extract.
  3. (Do not heat up the peanut butter at all)
  4. In a separate bowl, combine the cocoa powder, salt, and baking soda.
  5. Stir together and then beat in with the other ingredients.
  6. Beat in the egg until just combined and then stir in the chocolate chips.
  7. Form balls of dough and press 3 to 4 chocolate chips into the top if desired. Press the cookies down so they aren't puffed up.
  8. Bake for 6-8 minutes (Mine took exactly 6 minutes, but my oven runs a bit hotter). Watch them carefully because they go from perfectly baked to burned quickly especially with the coconut sugar.
  9. These cookies are crumbly while they are hot. Let them cool completely (or enjoy some deliciously hot, but crumbly cookies right out of the oven)
Use high quality cocoa powder for best results

Here are some more breakfast on-the-go options:

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A gluten-free, healthy breakfast cookie made with peanut butter and old-fashioned oats as the base. There is no flour, no butter, and no oil included! These cookies can be ready in 20 minutes flat!

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  1. says

    Wow, these look so chewy and delicious! I’ve never tried breakfast cookies before, but this is definitely something I can get on board with :)

  2. says

    Who needs flour when you can have cookies this good? Not me! I love baking anything flour-less these days and these need to be made ASAP. Pinning!

  3. says

    I made really similar cookies just last night!! But I didn’t think to eat them for breakfast – such a great idea! Chocolate + peanut butter is the best combo ever! Pinning, and can’t wait to try your recipe!

  4. says

    I love the idea of cookies like this for breakfast! I am such a picky breakfast eater and am always eating breakfast on the go. These look like they would be perfect for me!

  5. Jacki says

    Just made these with my two grand girls ! They loved baking them and eating them was even better. Absolutely delicious !! Trying the strawberry pancake cups next.

    • chelseamessyapron says

      Yes, thanks for reminding me to publish the winner on the code! Tim Stark was the winner. Thanks so much for participating :)

    • chelseamessyapron says

      Oh so glad to hear that! Thanks for the comment Jacki :) And I hope you love the pancake cups :)

  6. Maura says

    Hi!!! I have been following and making a lot of your recipes over the last few months, these included. Did you recently change this recipe?? I made these as recent as last week(or possibly the week before), and I swear I have never seen the recipe say to use coconut sugar before. I have them all bookmarked and went to make these tonight and was totally thrown off! I can’t remember the recipe by heart, but did it used to be 3-4 tablespoons of brown sugar? I do not have coconut sugar, and was making these to add to my kids lunches. Just want to make sure I am getting it right from what the recipe was previously. Thanks! (btw these and everything else are delicious!)

  7. Maura says

    my other thought is if you did NOT change it, I also make your healthy oatmeal peanut butter cookies, and I wonder if I just ‘combined’ the recipes and used the brown sugar amount listed from that recipe. ? Either way, they are delicious with brown sugar lol.

    • chelseamessyapron says

      No you are right!! I wanted to re-do the pictures for fun and somehow in my editing my post got deleted :( I experimented with the recipe and did change up a few ingredients because I couldn’t remember my exact combo and wasn’t happy with what I was making :( Huge bummer and I’m so sorry to you!! It was SUPER similar to my healthy oatmeal peanut butter cookies, so I started there. In the original recipe I believe there was brown sugar and honey in replacement for the coconut sugar. Your comment helps if there was 3-4 tablespoons brown sugar maybe 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey. So that is what would replace the coconut sugar. So sorry for the disappointment of a recipe change!! :( I do save all of my recipes but unfortunately they are in a storage unit right now while I’m in Australia. I know it’s a while a way but I will definitely update this post with both recipes when I get back to the states!

      • Maura says

        no worries at all. Thank you so much for the insight and getting back to me so quicly! I think you are correct in that it also had honey. I tried making them with just the brown sugar, they were still yummy but just missing ‘something’, and were a not quite as sweet as the other times I made them. I can only get coconut sugar at Whole Foods around here, and the nearest one is 40 minutes away, so we don’t make it there more than once a month. But next time I go I will surely give that version a try as well! I’m glad i wasn’t just losing my mind though! :-) Anyways like I said, everything we have made of yours is absolutely delicious. So glad I stumbled upon your site.

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