(No Bake) Brownie Bites

An easy three-ingredient recipe of no-bake brownie bites. This dessert is ready in under five minutes!

No Bake, 3 ingredient Brownie Bites

Sometimes the best food in life is the simplest.

Like bread + butter, peanut butter + jelly, chocolate + more chocolate.

Chocolate + more chocolate in the form of no-bake brownie bites = the simplest and the best kind of food. Dessert food that is.

No-bake Brownie Batter

Because this recipe is so super simple, but totally delicious. Like all the fudgy goodness of brownies in less than 5 minutes.

No baking, no waiting, no oven.

And less than 5 ingredients. 3 ingredients to be exact. With an additional “optional” ingredient to add more chocolate to these already double-chocolate brownie bites.

No Bake Brownie Bites

The optional ingredient is a fudge pudding mix (dry). To roll these brownie bites in & give a nice extra chocolate coating. But it’s totally optional and can definitely be replaced with powdered sugar if the whole 3 types of chocolate is overwhelming.

Which btw, the other 2 chocolates: a brownie mix and miniature chocolate chips.

3-ingredient brownie bites

And if you don’t want to roll out little balls, this mixture makes one heck of a dip. A very thick dip, but absolute fudge-like brownie decadence in a bowl.

Post summary: no-bake, three ingredients, fudge, chocolate, brownies, love <3.

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(No Bake) Brownie Bites
  • 1 (18.3 ounces) brownie mix
  • Scant 3/4 cup butter
  • 1/2 cup miniature chocolate chips
  • Optional: 1 chocolate pudding mix, dry
  1. In a large bowl, combine the dry brownie mix with the mostly melted butter (microwave until melted, but small chunks of unmelted butter still remains).
  2. Mix with a spoon and then knead with your hands. It will be thick and sticky.
  3. Make sure to let the mixture cool a little bit and then stir in the chocolate chips (otherwise they will melt with the warm butter)
  4. Roll into balls.
  5. If desired, roll the balls into the dry chocolate pudding mix for a chocolate coating. Shake off the excess.
  6. Enjoy right-away! Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 1 week.

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  1. says

    Agreed, who doesn’t love easy?! And that they don’t have to set in the fridge or bake! Right on, Chelsea! Plus anything you can just pop into your mouth…hellooo πŸ˜€ Love that cute yellow dish you have…perfect brightness for the background!

  2. says

    What!! This is too good to be true. Drooling over here. I think I need to make these ASAP. These don’t even need an excuse or an occasion. Because brownie balls are acceptable all day every day. πŸ˜‰ Yummm! Love this, Chelsea! And you totally did great with the brown food photos. Love ’em!

    • chelseamessyapron says

      Haha definitely an everyday acceptable treat :) Thanks Erin! I think shooting brown food is so hard!! You sure have a talent for it (your breakfast cookies you just posted – awesome!)

    • chelseamessyapron says

      Thanks Beth! I found them at a Burlington Coat Factory (random right?!) I totally want more of them in different colors, but they only had the one color – yellow. So it basically shows up in 99% of my photos :)

  3. says

    I love these little bites. Simple recipes that don’t require a ton of ingredients are always the best. I am pretty sure the entire bowl of dough would disappear before I’d get a chance to roll them into small bites!

  4. says

    These are awesome Chelsea! Simple and no bake to satisfy my chocolate brownie craving?? Count me in with a big ole spoon since I probably wouldn’t be able resist just scooping the dough straight into my mouth right from the bowl!:)

  5. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes says

    Oh my goodness! It doesn’t get much easier or tempting than that :) Thanks so much for linking up to Freedom Fridays – I’ve pinned this and will be sharing on my Facebook page! Have a great weekend! Hugs :)

  6. says

    ummmm okay so Chelsea this is genius. What if you did this with other mixes? Like just add butter to a cake mix? Have you tried it? That sounds so good. THESE sound so good. Also, I can’t believe you’ve essentially given me permission to make and eat an entire batch of brownies within 10 minutes. You are cruel.

    • chelseamessyapron says

      Haha! I totally got excited after doing the brownie and tried it with 2 other cake mixes (yellow and chocolate) totally worked! So those recipes will be on the blog soon haha! Thanks so much Karen :) Oh my gosh definitely dangerous – pretty sure I ate basically the entire batch of brownies…

  7. says

    Genius, Chelsea! I love how simple this is. I’ve made my share of cookie dough truffles and things of the sort, but never have come across a recipe so yummy sounding with such few (delicious!) ingredients. I’ll have to try this. Pinning.

    • chelseamessyapron says

      I’m not sure, since I haven’t tried it, but my first thoughts are it wouldn’t hold together or work. But if you try it I’d love to hear the results. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

  8. Terra says

    I made these tonight and I love them=]
    I used coconut oil instead of butter though. And added two huge spoonfuls of organic peanut butter. Amazing!

  9. Lynne says

    These sound wonderful, Just curious though about the texture, when eating plain brownie mix, it’s so granular, does that go away with the warm butter?

    • Lisa Galindo says

      I was wondering the same thing. I’m not a fan of cookie dough for that very reason (granular texture). But I will try chocolate anything!

      • chelseamessyapron says

        It’s still a bit granular, but no where near as much as cookie dough in my opinion! I thought the texture of these were more like fudge. But if you don’t like the granular texture, I’m not sure if you would love these. Hope that helps!

        • Lisa Galindo says

          Yes, that helps! I think I will give this recipe a try. If it’s too granular for my liking, I can always add an egg, some flour, and vanilla to turn it into cookie dough and bake it. Thank you!

  10. Amy says

    I needed an easy dessert for a church social and these were a hit! I made them with butter and a little coconut oil since I didn’t have enough butter. They were so easy and yummy too! Next time I think I will add some instant coffee too! Definitely a great combo! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  11. Cathy says

    I have a question. Does the recipe really work, and do you thing it would taste good if i dipped it in melted chocolate and added sprinkles in top?

    • chelseamessyapron says

      I would never put a recipe on my site that didn’t work out for me. And sure I think that would be tasty. It will definitely make a dense and rich treat.

    • chelseamessyapron says

      That’s what I generally use – those are the best ones! Just make sure the ounces on the brownie mix are the same (18.3) :)

    • chelseamessyapron says

      SO great to hear you enjoyed these! Thanks so much for the comment :) Love the pictures on your page on this recipe!

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