BBQ Chicken Sandwich Recipe (in 15 minutes!)

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A flavor-packed BBQ Chicken Sandwich recipe that can be ready in 15 minutes or less –it’s the perfect fast lunch or simple dinner the whole family will love!

Image of the BBQ Chicken Sandwich, ready to eat.

Fifteen-Minute BBQ Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Whether it’s in-person or distance learning this year, back-to-school time can be busy and overwhelming. And dinnertime should not complicate that even more! I have a few simple recipes — all that can be ready in about 10-15 minutes– that I’ll be sharing the next few days to help make that transition back into routines just a little bit easier.

Today we’re starting with a simple BBQ chicken sandwich recipe. While these sandwiches are crazy easy to make, they taste anything but plain. They’re packed with flavor and texture. From the toasted, crusty bread to the soft and smooth mashed avocado, to the sweet and tender chicken. These sandwiches also make for a nutritious and filling meal — definitely passable for dinner!


The word barbecue, often simply spelled BBQ, has a long history. Most word nerds believe barbecue came to English from the Spanish barbacoa in the 18th century, with even earlier roots in Caribbean native culture. Those smoky, spicy flavor notes do feel kind of calypso, don’t they?

Process shots for BBQ Chicken Sandwich recipe: Combine rotisserie chicken and BBQ sauce; combine smashed avocado, lime, salt, pepper and garlic power for the guacamole-style sauce. OK, but really… 15 minutes?

Seriously. We’ve had these sandwiches more times than I’m willing to admit this past week, and I promise they are QUICK. The secret here is using hot rotisserie chicken!

  • We love the hot-and-ready rotisserie chickens at Costco®. They’re so good and have so much meat on them (enough to make a good number of sandwiches)! But, for the fastest possible prep time, I recommend buying rotisserie chicken meat that has already been pulled from the bones and shredded. I’ve seen pre-shredded rotisserie chicken meat at Costco, Smith’s® (Kroger), Trader Joe’s®, and Walmart®. Grocers recognize a valuable service when they see it!
  • Use a really ripe avocado. Not only for the best taste possible, but a ripe avocado (see quick tip below) also mashes super fast. If it’s not very ripe, it takes a bit more effort and time.
  • Pick washed and packaged lettuce. While you don’t have to have lettuce on these sandwiches (we’ve eaten them without any lettuce and they’re still great), we usually add a small handful of mixed greens. Using packaged salad greens that have already been washed, dried, and chopped makes for another quick sandwich shortcut.

So, here’s the step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Get the bread started in the toaster
  2. Meanwhile, toss the shredded chicken with prepared (store-bought or homemade) BBQ sauce
  3. In a separate bowl, mash the avocado. Add a quick squeeze of lime, a pinch of salt and pepper, plus just a touch of garlic powder (again, nothing fancy; these are FAST)
  4. Assemble. Bread — avocado — lettuce — saucy BBQ chicken — bread. And then devour!


A ripe avocado adds an immense amount of creaminess in this BBQ Chicken Sandwich recipe. To make sure an avocado is ripe, press gently around the stem and if it gives, the avocado is ripe (the “give” should feel like pressing the tip of your nose).

Process shots of assembling the BBQ Chicken Sandwich: add avocado to the toasted bread; add mixed greens; add BBQ chicken; top with the other piece of bread and it's ready to eat!

Pair this BBQ Chicken Sandwich Recipe with…

  • some fresh fruit! We love these with a side of watermelon chunks, pineapple, clementines, grapes, etc.
  • chips. Potato chips, Sun-chips®, Doritos®, etc. — whatever chips your family enjoys will work fine here.
  • a quick garden salad (we can never get enough of this Olive Garden salad)
  • raw veggies (or roasted like this roasted broccoli, these roasted sweet potatoes, or these roasted carrots)

Image of the finished BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich Recipe variations

Like I mentioned, we’ve made these sandwiches frequently. Here are some of the different ways we’ve enjoyed them:

  • We love a good hearty and nutritious wheat bread. My personal favorite is Dave’s Killer Bread (I like the thin sliced best). My kids also really like multigrain sandwich thins for their sandwiches.
  • Occasionally I’ll add a drizzle of ranch dressing on top of the BBQ chicken. If you love BBQ chicken with ranch, you’ll love this! Or, if we have leftover cilantro-lime sauce from these shrimp tacos, that’s also a great addition.
  • We’re huge fans of Stubb’s® Original BBQ Sauce (not sponsored), but for a lower sugar option (for those days I’ve had three too many cinnamon roll cookies), G Hughes Smokehouse Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce® (original flavor) isn’t too bad!

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BBQ Chicken Sandwich Recipe

5 from 1 vote
A flavor packed BBQ Chicken Sandwich recipe that can be ready in 15 minutes or less is the perfect fast lunch or simple dinner the whole family will love! 
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BBQ Chicken Sandwich Recipe

5 from 1 vote
A flavor packed BBQ Chicken Sandwich recipe that can be ready in 15 minutes or less is the perfect fast lunch or simple dinner the whole family will love! 
Course Dinner, lunch, Main Course, Sandwich
Cuisine American
Keyword bbq chicken sandwich recipe
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 3 - 4 sandwiches
Calories 708kcal


  • 6 slices of hearty whole wheat bread (we love Dave's killer thin sliced bread best)
  • 2 and 1/2 cups (280g) shredded rotisserie chicken
  • 1/2 cup + 3 tablespoons (165g) Stubbs original BBQ sauce (or similar high-quality BBQ sauce)
  • 1 large very ripe avocado
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon EACH: roasted garlic powder, freshly cracked pepper
  • 3 handfuls of mixed greens lettuce or chopped romaine lettuce


  • BREAD: Get the bread in the toaster! Toast to desired preference.
  • CHICKEN: Shred a rotisserie chicken (or use a pre-shredded rotisserie chicken) and measure 2 and 1/2 cups. Warm the BBQ Sauce in the microwave (covered) for about 30 seconds. Pour in the warm BBQ sauce; start with 1/2 cup and add the additional 3 tablespoons as needed. Gently toss with tongs until the chicken is coated to your liking. (If the shredded chicken isn't being pulled hot/fresh from the bones, I like to warm the chicken for 30 seconds to a minute in the microwave.)
  • AVOCADO: Halve the avocado and use a spoon to scoop out the flesh into a medium-sized bowl. Mash the avocado with a fork. Once mashed, add in the lime juice, salt, garlic powder, and pepper. Mash again to combine the ingredients.
  • ASSEMBLE: Generously spoon the mashed avocado mixture (be generous here; it adds a delicious creaminess!) on one slice of toasted bread. Add a good sized handful of mixed greens on top of the avocado and gently press in. Scoop the chicken right on top and finally, place the other slice of bread on top. Enjoy immediately!


Recipe Notes

This recipe scales up or down easily and total quantity really just depends how loaded you like the sandwich. We like a lot of avocado and BBQ chicken on each sandwich!

Nutrition Facts

Calories: 708kcal | Carbohydrates: 52g | Protein: 64g | Fat: 28g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Cholesterol: 189mg | Sodium: 1666mg | Potassium: 659mg | Fiber: 9g | Sugar: 22g | Vitamin A: 2658IU | Vitamin C: 10mg | Calcium: 95mg | Iron: 2mg


I love hearing from you when you've made one of my recipes! Tag me on Instagram at @ChelseasMessyApron or leave me a comment below.

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