Cobb Salad with an Herb Vinaigrette

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This is our favorite Cobb Salad complete with hard-boiled eggs, creamy avocado, crisp center-cut bacon, juicy cherry tomatoes, buttery edamame, sweet corn, and rich goat (or feta) cheese. Finish the salad with a drizzle of a simple blender vinaigrette made with fresh herbs. This tangy homemade dressing is the star of this salad — everyone goes crazy for it!

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Cobb Salad with herbed vinaigrette

Cobb Salad

Cobb salads are always one of my “go-to” choices when ordering a restaurant lunch salad — I love a good Cobb Salad! So, I’ve combined all of my favorite ingredients from past salads to bring to you my take on the ultimate Cobb Salad.

Cobb Salads can be taken in so many different routes — there are practically endless ways to make it. This version features loads of eggs, creamy ripe avocados, crispy bacon, and lots of veggies.

Included in the recipe is how to add some delicious marinated chicken (it marinates in the dressing — easy!), but you could also make this salad vegetarian and leave out the meat and bacon entirely. Alternatively, steak or shrimp can take the chicken’s place — truly the possibilities are endless with this salad! We’ll discuss more variations below.

quicktip]Legend says that Cobb Salad was invented in 1937 at the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant by the restaurant’s owner, Robert Howard Cobb. He is said to have mixed together a hodgepodge of leftovers he found in the restaurant kitchen and tossed it with their house dressing. [/quicktip]

Cobb Salad Variations

This salad recipe is very forgiving; you can add in just about any seasonal produce you like and it will work well as long as the quantities remain consistent. Use any combination of seasonal produce or your favorite Cobb Salad additions.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Protein: This salad has quite a bit of protein in it: chicken, bacon, and hard-boiled eggs. You can do all three or just choose one or two to add to the salad. Other ideas: add cooked salmon, shrimp, or steak.
  • Cheese: feta or bleu cheese crumbles
  • Other veggies: cucumbers, roasted carrots (cooled and chopped) or raw shredded carrots, sweet peas, red, green, or yellow onions, green beans, sweet bell peppers
  • More greens: add a handful of micro greens to the top of this salad

Overhead view of the herbed vinaigrette dressing

Recipe Short-Cuts

This salad can be a bit time consuming to make, so I’m always on the lookout for ways to make it come together quicker. Here are a few of the short-cuts I like to employ:

  • Either leave out the chicken or add rotisserie chicken. Rotisserie chicken saves time and energy, plus it’s delicious and tender. You can also use any leftover grilled chicken.
  • Use store-bought hard-boiled eggs. While hard-boiled eggs are simple to make, they can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating to peel. A lot of stores sell prepared hard-boiled eggs if you’d like to cut down on some prep time.
  • Microwave the bacon. Another shortcut is to buy pre-cooked bacon for this salad. Warm it through, according to package directions and it’s ready to go.

Cobb Salad toppings arranged on a bed of lettuces



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  1. 5 stars
    This is absolutely the best salad my husband and I have ever had. It’s a weekly request in my household!

    1. I’m so glad to hear this! It’s a favorite at my house too! I hope you continue to enjoy! 🙂

  2. Wasn’t sure why there was no egg or avocado, plus there was fried instead of grilled chicken on my Cobb Salad from the drive-thru. A little disappointed. ????

  3. 5 stars
    PLEASE, please, please, figure out how to coy cat Chic-Fil-A’s Charred Tomato Crispy Red Bell Peppers! Alone, they don’t taste that great but for some reason when you put it in the salad, it tastes just like BACON! (Have you noticed that?) I know there are dried Crispy Bell Pepper packs in the grocery store next to the salad aisle, but none of them taste like Chicks. It may be because of the smoked flavoring and the charred tomato. Thanks! Luv your articles.

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