Back-To-School Lifesavers–Year 3! (GIVEAWAY)

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Welcome Back To The Series!

We’ve had an absolute blast these past two years, working diligently to compile our favorite, easiest recipes just for you. If you’re a newcomer to our little corner of the internet (Hi there, and a warm welcome to you!) or if you missed our series over the past couple of years, we started this journey to help you gear up for the back-to-school season and all the accompanying chaos. And if I may say so myself, this fresh batch of recipes is our best collection yet!

This year, we’ve put together a compilation of 25 NEW recipes (and a few extra bonus ones) to make the month of August just a little more exciting!

And that’s not all – as an additional treat, we will be rewarding a $50 Amazon gift card every week to one reader!

To enter:

  • simply try any “back-to-school lifesaver” recipe on our website (even older ones)
  • and then leave a comment on that recipe post saying that you made the recipe (yes, it’s that easy!)

We will contact each winner every week of August and also announce their first name on this post:


  1. Stephanie
  2. Amy
  3. Carol
  4. Chris T.

Image of the caesar sandwiches, kale salad, thai pinwheels, and chicken cordon bleu sliders

Series Recap

Just to recap, here’s what you can expect from these “lifesaver” recipes:

  1. Flavor: First and foremost, anticipate meals packed with an abundance of flavor. No one should have to compromise taste for the sake of a quick dinner!
  2. Minimal chopping: Many of these recipes require little to no chopping. We frequently use store-bought shortcuts, all of which we explain in each post. If there’s any chopping involved, it’s limited to just a few ingredients.
  3. Versatility: A significant number of these recipes include store-bought shortcuts or homemade components, catering to those moments when you find yourself with extra time and the inclination to craft something from scratch. Rest assured that any product or procedure we recommend has been tried and approved by us.
  4. Kid-friendly: We’re parents. We understand the challenges mealtimes can present with kids, so we’ve taken great care to curate and share recipes that our own children enjoy. Each kid’s palate varies greatly, so we hope these recipes are easily adaptable to suit your child’s preferences, or even encourage them to explore new flavors.
  5. Limited ingredients: Our aim is to keep each recipe to about 10 main ingredients. This number might fluctuate slightly, but in instances where there are more, rest assured that we’re often including pantry staples you likely already have at home. This count does not include items such as olive oil, salt, pepper, water, soy sauce, and other seasonings typically found in a household kitchen.

Back To School Lifesavers: images of the BBQ Chicken Sliders, Frozen Yogurt, Foil Pack Ramen Noodles, and Pinto Bean Soup

What you can expect this year

And this year we’ve worked hard to deliver the same goodness as last year, with a whole slew of brand new recipes.

Each post will include:

  • Step-by-step photo directions
  • A simple printable recipe
  • A video tutorial on how to make the recipe

Images of the Baked Cod, Crispy Chicken Wraps, BBQ Sweet Potatoes, and Peanut Butter Ramen

Follow the series on social media!

Every day we’re going to be sharing a step-by-step tutorial showing how to make each recipe over on Instagram. (You’ll see just how easy they are!)  Be sure to follow the Instagram stories or catch up in the saved “highlights” section of Instagram. We’ll also be sharing reels (quick 30-second recipe tutorials) on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok

And More Bonus Recipes!

Beyond the fresh dinner recipes, we’ll also introduce some bonus recipes, featuring back-to-school snacks, treats, and breakfast ideas.

Just like before, these recipes will come with step-by-step photo instructions and a video tutorial. We’ll also be sharing these bonus recipes on social media, so make sure to follow along there!

We’d love to hear from you!

We’re thrilled to bring this series back for another year and we’re confident that these recipes will bring you joy as you transition from the summer season.

We eagerly look forward to your feedback in the comments sections of each recipe, and we’re keen to hear your thoughts on the series. Your feedback is the most effective way for us to deliver content that meets your expectations.

Your support for this website is greatly appreciated; your presence and your feedback mean the world to all of us here, who pour our hearts into creating these recipes. ❤️

Back To School Lifesavers: Images of the Chipotle Chicken, Bean Burritos, Sushi Bowls, and Jerk Chicken



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