Welcome to Chelsea’s Messy Apron and thanks for visiting! I’m Chelsea–the recipe developer, photographer, writer, and taste tester behind this blog. But so I don’t take all of the credit, my husband Drew does quite a bit of taste testing as well!



The recipes that you see here on Chelsea’s Messy Apron are all developed by me (unless otherwise noted). I am always experimenting in the kitchen and making up new things to eat. Or, I’m just in the kitchen eating. Both are good. I develop my recipes through good old fashioned trial and error. Some days I have more success than others, and the successful days yield the recipes that I share here.

I try to eat a balanced diet of healthful foods, but I love desserts. You’ll find that most of my recipes are healthy and easy, but still taste great! That said, I do have some treats that aren’t the least bit healthy and I do have some recipes that will take more time than others. I have found that eating is all about balance and I hope you find that is the case on my site!


I was born and raised in the great state of Utah. We have since moved to the East Coast and I love it here! I met my husband when I was going to college. I liked him from the first time we met, and he was … a little slower. It took several months and a bit of convincing from a mutual friend to get him to ask me out, but once he did we were inseparable. We really like each other and I think he’s pretty cute. Especially when he wears his black rimmed glasses.

In school, I got my degree in the field of Exercise Science. My classes focused on nutrition, personal training, and exercise physiology. Whenever I tell people the name of my major they ask if I went to college and learned how to work out in a gym. Yep, basically. And I loved every minute of it. I live an active lifestyle and eat a generally healthful and balanced diet. But some days I live on peanut butter caramel bars and raspberry coconut popsicles. Oh and I love a spoonful of peanut butter with dark chocolate chips on top. I love to run and I practice yoga almost daily. I have a love hate relationship with planks and push-ups.

I love watermelon, peanut butter, fajitas, and mango. Just none of those things together.  I hate fruity candy. Fall is my favorite season and I wish it would only snow in December, preferably just the week of Christmas. I like skinny jeans with boots, long road trips, and cute black puppies.

In August 2013, we had our first little boy. His name is Greyson, but we call him Grey. He’s the sweetest little guy and he is such a happy baby. Grey likes being pushed in a stroller, boycotting naps, and giggling at the strangest things.

Grey in his Halloween costume


By the end of my first year of blogging, I had made over $42,000. I learned so much that I decided to write a book detailing everything I learned in my first year of blogging. It shares my tips, tricks, secrets, and most importantly everything I wish I had known when starting my blog. To learn more about this book, read testimonials, and see sample pages click here.


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