Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Tarts

Miniature chocolate tarts filled with a light strawberry mousse filling and covered with a milk chocolate drizzle.

Mini chocolate covered strawberry tarts - a delicious and easy Valentine's treat

If you haven’t decided what you are going to make for a Valentine’s Day dessert, then let me point you in the right direction. Namely right here.

These miniature chocolate-covered strawberry tarts are a perfect dessert. Perfect in several ways. First (and most importantly) they are super tasty. Second, they are incredibly (& secretly) easy. And third, they have pretty much the quintessential Valentine’s ingredients: strawberries and chocolates.

If those reasons didn’t convince you, then I’m not sure what could. However, if you are unconvinced by this dessert (perhaps you don’t like fruit and chocolate to mix??), please allow me to convince you to still stay on this post. …Because (drumroll please), I have teamed up with some fantastic bloggers to bring one lucky winner a KITCHENAID MIXER! In, none other, than a bright cherry red color.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Mini Tarts by Chelseas Messy Apron

Earlier in the post, I mentioned how stinkin’ easy these cute little tarts are.  The chocolate base is just 3 ingredients – a chocolate cake mix combined with some butter and 1 egg. And the filling? 3 ingredients too! Strawberries, vanilla pudding mix (dry), and some cool whip. Finally, the topping? Just some milk chocolate and a touch of vegetable oil.

So, if you are doing the math with me, and by with me, I mean on my calculator, (because I couldn’t do mental math if my life depended on it) that is 8 ingredients. Not too bad for how decadent these little guys look!

After the chocolate base ingredients are combined, the “dough” gets rolled into small balls and placed in a miniature muffin tin (that has been greased), it bakes for about 7-8 minutes and then you press down the center. I used the back of a 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon, but a soda cap would work too!

Mini Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tarts by Chelseas Messy Apron

While the bases are being baked, the filling is super easy. Remove the strawberry stems and puree a cup of strawberries. Stir in some (dry) vanilla pudding and then fold in cool whip. I piped the filling into the cups with a wide star tip, but you can spoon the filling in alternatively. I piped the chocolate on with a #2 tip, but you could put the chocolate in a resealable bag and cut off the tip for an easy DIY version of a #2 decorating tip.

And there you have it, a deceivingly simple Valentine’s dessert!



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Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Tarts
Serves: 24
Chocolate Base
  • 1 Devils Food Chocolate Cake Mix
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 cup melted butter
Strawberry Filling
  • 1 cup strawberries, stems removed
  • 4 tbsp. vanilla pudding (dry)
  • 1 cup Cool Whip
Chocolate Topping
  • 1/2 cup milk chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp. vegetable oil
Chocolate Base
  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Spray a mini muffin tin with nonstick spray and set aside.
  2. In a medium bowl, combine the chocolate cake mix, egg, and butter. Stir until completely combined (it will be very thick). Roll balls out the dough and place the balls in the mini muffin tin. The dough balls should fill up the mini muffin tin about 3/4ths the way full.
  3. Bake the chocolate base for about 7-8 minutes. Remove and immediately indent the center with the cap of a soda pop bottle or the backside of a 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon.
  4. Let cool for about 3-4 minutes and then remove from the muffin tin and let cool completely.
Strawberry Filling
  1. Meanwhile, remove the strawberry stems. Place the strawberries in a food processor and pulse until completely liquid. Stir in the vanilla pudding and then fold in the Cool Whip.
  2. Using a star tip pipe the strawberry filling into the cooled chocolate base. You could also use a spoon to fill up the chocolate base layer.
Chocolate Topping:
  1. In a small bowl, combine the chocolate chips and vegetable oil. Place in the microwave for 30 seconds, remove, stir for 20 seconds, and return to the microwave for an additional 15 seconds. Stir until melted. (Return the chocolate to the microwave for 15 second increments if not melted all of the way.)
  2. Put the melted chocolate in a resealable bag and cut of the very tip (or use a #2 decorating tip) and pipe the chocolate over the strawberry filling.

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  1. says

    These little tarts are so cute! I love that these are so easy and only include a few ingredients. The strawberry filling looks so fluffy! These are so fun for Valentine’s Day. I absolutely love your photos too! All those strawberries give them a nice pop of color. :)

  2. says

    Stop it! These look so so easy and delicious. Yum. Going on my list of things to make. AND A KITCHENAID GIVEAWAY? Can you sense my excitement?? 😉 My V-day plans are hanging out with my other single friends, eating some sweets (like these!), and watching girly movies. Yes! Thanks so much for hosting this, Chelsea! XOXO

  3. says

    Oh these cookies are lovely and perfect for Valentine’s Day!! And I would sure love a purty red kitchen Aid mixer myself!!

  4. Mimi says

    Not sure if we’re supposed to comment here or in the giveaway box, but I don’t have much plans for Valentines Day, sad to say!

  5. says

    These are so pretty and adorable Chelsea! Chocolate and strawberries are so perfect together and I love how easy they sound to make. Mini sized treats are my favorite since that means I can totally have more than one too:)

  6. says

    These are so cute! I love little bite-sized desserts! And with that milk chocolate drizzle … yum! Such a fun giveaway too – I have a boring colored grey mixer haha I always dream about getting a fun colored one!

    • chelseamessyapron says

      That’s awesome you’ve had yours for so long! Funny enough I don’t even have one haha, not yet anyways! Crossing my fingers you win and get to update yours :) Thank you Gloria!

  7. Brittany says

    As someone who is perpetually single, I’m definitely going to treat myself to these with a superhero movie marathon. Because really, handsome actors with well-designed outfits, action, and snark.

    These look fantastic, I bet I could get my friend who doesn’t like chocolate (*gasp!*) to try these


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