{One Pot} Creamy Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice Divan

Broccoli Chicken Rice 1

This delicious and lightened up creamy chicken, broccoli, and rice divan can all be made in one pot and in under 30 minutes. It’s filled with flavor and keeps the ingredients to a minimum!

Easy, 30 minute, ONE POT Chicken divine with broccoli! #dinner #chicken #onepot #easy

I have been completely overwhelmed with the awesome responses on the reader survey. Seriously, you guys are the best <3! Thank you!! Oh, and then there’s my mom who specifically requested that my blog include pictures of her grandson in every post ha! Yes, I know that is you mom! :) (And if you haven’t taken it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!)

I’ll let you all know the results when it’s all finished up. But for now, I’ve got some more yummy one-pot goodness. Plus I healthified it a bit – a lightened up creamy chicken, broccoli, and rice divan in one pot and thirty minutes. Oh yeah!


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{Healthy + Flourless} Glazed Apple Pie Cookies + 2014 Reader Survey

apple pie2

These delicious cookies are gluten-free, packed with protein and good-for-you-ingredients. No white flour, no butter, and no oil in these glazed “apple pie” cookies. 

No white flour, no butter, and no oil in these glazed "apple pie" cookies. #healthy #cleaneating #cookies #apple #pie

Today’s a special day! It’s Chelsea’s Messy Apron’s first birthday! …So, you would probably expect some grand cake or something right? Wrong. I made cookies. Oh and they are healthy too! Which, admittedly, seems a little bit of a weird and boring birthday celebration treat for this blog’s birthday, but if you tried these, you would know. They are far better than any cupcakes! (In a healthy, wholesome type of way of course.)

Okay, so let’s talk about these cookies. Do they look healthy to you? Yeah, me either. Surprise! They are SUPER healthy! Well, maybe not the glaze so much, but it’s completely an optional kind of thing. Like, a birthday addition for sure!

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a whole year! It has just flown by and been such an amazing year. I’m super, super grateful for you people that have read this little blog, tried the recipes, and left such nice comments. Seriously, you all are the BEST! <3 And it means the world to me! When I published my first post a year ago, I was so nervous. I knew I was super passionate about food and the prospect of blogging, but I was so worried no one would read my blog (or even like it). Or ever try my recipes. Just ask my husband, I’m pretty sure he had to give me about ten pep talks! Okay, maybe more than ten…. 

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{Slow Cooker} Lasagna Tortellini Soup


A crockpot lasagna soup made with cheese-filled tortellini. This soup is simple to make, tastes just like lasagna in soup form, and is a sure crowd pleaser!


This soup though. Best soup I’ve ever had – hands down. I guess I have to amend that statement just a bit though…because if you are looking for a super healthy and light soup, this sweet potato + quinoa one is one of my favorites. But as far as a complete comfort meal, easy to make, super cheesy, and totally flavorful soup goes – this is the soup.

Not that this soup is necessarily unhealthy, just the amounts of cheese I stir in mine may just be a little unhealthy. Although, I’m sure I put more cheese in my soup than the average 3 6 people…

Other than that, you’ve got lots and lots of tomatoes and tomato-ey sauces, some beef broth, lots of spices. You know, these are all good for you! And for the actual beef, I used extra lean ground beef, but I’m sure ground turkey would be great in this too. However, ground beef just screams lasagna to me since I always put that in our lasagna. BUT — the best part of this soup in my opinion? It’s the tortellini. Tortellini is one of the greatest foods ever made, I’m convinced. And in this soup it is divine. It cooks perfectly in the slow cooker and it’s like having an ultra chees-y lasagna in every bite. Because the cheese is IN the pasta. Genius.

And then I mix lots of extra cheese in the soup. You know, just for good measure.


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Oatmeal Cookie Pumpkin S’mores Gooey Bars


Deliciously thick oatmeal chocolate bars with a hint of pumpkin in the middle — thanks to pumpkin pie spice and pumpkin flavored marshmallows. These bars are easy to make and very rich!

Oatmeal Cookie Pumpkin S'mores Gooey Bars #pumpkin #dessert #oatmeal #cookie #gooeybar

Pumpkin and oats were meant to be together. My favorite Fall cookies are pumpkin oatmeal chocolate-chip and these bars are basically those cookies in a gloriously gooey marshmallow form. Who’s with me on pumpkin oatmeal cookies?!

P.S. Do you like how I specify they are my favorite “Fall cookies”? Because obvi I can’t just have one favorite cookie. As a self-proclaimed cookie connoisseur I have to have a favorite cookie for every season and/or holiday. Like these ones for Christmasnothing compares.

And there I go talking about Christmas again when I said I was going to wait. I’m such a freak about holidays!! Second P.S. the hubs and I went shopping and found the cutest wood pumpkin decoration. It’s currently sitting on top of our mantel place and making me all sorts of happy and excited for Halloween. The good news is, it’s not only a Halloween pumpkin, so it gets to stay up through Thanksgiving. And along with that shopping trip, we also found little Grey’s Halloween costume. He’s a lobster if you missed the picture of him. Bahaha — he is the cutest lobster ever!!


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Mummy Milanos


A super easy triple-chocolate “mummy” milano cookie. These cookies are the perfect treat to bring to a Halloween party! 

Easy Mummy Milanos - a super quick and fun Halloween treat 2 layers of chocolate + 1 layer of white chocolate = a super delicious treat! Did I mention these take about 10 minutes to make? If you are in a pinch for a Halloween treat, these fit the bill!

I bought the double-chocolate Milanos (hence the 2 layers or chocolate) and it perfectly balanced the thick coating of white chocolate. These are incredibly delicious! At first, I was just dipping and making them as a cute and easy Halloween treat (without really thinking about how they would taste), but after one bite of these they ended up being one of my favorite tasting Halloween treats. I mean, of course I didn’t want a gross Halloween treat no matter how cute it looked, but I didn’t know it would be SO GOOD.

White chocolate mixed with dark or milk chocolate has always been a weakness of mine!… 

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{Healthy} Halloween Bat Energy Bites


Special thanks to by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser for sponsoring this post; all opinions are my own! A healthy snack for Halloween – chocolate energy bites dressed up like a bat!  Also, some “spiders” on a log in the form of peanut butter celery sticks. Plus a fun Halloween party with princess costumes, American Greetings decorations, and another healthy Halloween snack.

{Healthy} Halloween Bat Energy Bites + "Spiders" on a log #healthy #Halloween #treat #dessert #easy

Ummmm are you dying from the cute? After I finished making these bats I just couldn’t stop smiling cause they are so.dang.cute.

BONUS. They are a healthy Halloween treat. Which, there aren’t too many healthy Halloween treats since pretty much the whole point of the day is to collect all the candy. Although, I always liked the costuming party wayyy better than the candy; dressing up is my favorite!

And as a little girl, my mom would make all of our costumes. I have no idea how she did it, since trying to make 3 stockings for Christmas last year about did me in. They never made it on the mantle because they were that bad. Fact, I seriously cannot sew. As much as I wish I could and keep thinking that I can, everything I sew tends to end up as a total and miserable failure. So I’ll stick to making little bats in the form of energy bites and leave the sewing to the more talented folk. Like whoever made this adorable Lobster costume:


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Cilantro-Lime Ranch Burrito Bowls


Vegetarian cilantro-lime ranch burrito bowls made with fresh and good for you ingredients! These burrito bowls can be ready in less than 30 minutes and a meal the whole family will love; leave out the lettuce for little kids!

Super quick and easy cilantro-lime ranch burrito bowls!

I know this looks like a salad, but it’s not really. In fact, it’s based off the Cantina Bowls from Taco Bell…have you tried those? I’m not the biggest Taco Bell fan, but the hubs really likes the place so we’ve been there a few times. My husband discovered the gem we will call Cantina Bowls and I instantly fell in love with them! Who knew? Go Taco Bell!

Basically they are burrito bowls with rice, chicken, beans, a dollup of guac, a pico de gallo, dollup of sour cream, some lettuce mixed in, and a delicious creamy dressing. These are essentially a vegetarian version of the dish and more of a filling meal than a salad. You can even leave out the lettuce and these will still work out great.

Little Grey hasn’t quite figured out how to eat lettuce, but he still devoured one of these burrito bowls. That kid is obsessed with rice!!… 

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{Slow Cooker} Fiesta Ranch Taco Soup

fiesta taco soup1

A simple crockpot taco soup with fiesta ranch flavorings. This soup allows you to choose your spice level, it’s quick to make, and very customizable!

Easy Crockpot Fiesta Ranch Taco Soup - a fun twist on a classic!So I’ve been posting quite a few soups over the last few weeks…is it even cold where you are at? Is it full-fledged soup season yet? Clearly I consider it soup season, but I it has been cooling down considerably where I’m at. Speaking of where I’m at, and making a not so subtle transition…I have to tell you all about the one of the coolest things I’ve done since living here.

It’s called Whirlyball and apparently it’s a sport native to Ohio. It makes me pretty proud to live here, seriously.

Basically it’s a mash-up of a few different sports. There are two teams and everyone plays in their own bumper car (awesome right!!). Then there are two goals that are set up like a basketball hoop and one small ball. Except the ball can only be handled with a short lacrosse stick. That probably makes no sense, but I don’t really know how else to describe it. Basically picture bumper cars and crazy because that’s what it felt like to me!

This game was so fun. I have no idea why it’s not mainstream and why I didn’t get to play it in college. Because I’m sure I would have made the team. Put me in a bumper car all day long and I will go places people. … I’m just joking in case you were wondering. I was probably the worst player on the team, but I sure made up for it in team spirit and enthusiasm! Oh, and I did manage to score two points or baskets or whatever they are called!

If you ever find yourself in the lovely state of Ohio (or you live here and haven’t yet), whirlyball is a must. I rank it right up there with Cedar Point — the roller-coaster capital of the world! Orrrr if you are a person of extreme prominence and can start making this sport more mainstream (why you would be reading my food blog, I have not figured out yet), you would be my best friend…. 

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{Browned Butter + Salted Caramel} Apple Pie Bars


These browned butter and salted caramel baked apple pie bars are chewy, crunchy, and the perfect autumn treat!

{Browned Butter + Salted Caramel} Apple Pie Bars I #apple #pie #caramel

Have you been out apple picking yet? I didn’t even know that was Fall tradition until I met my hubs; I’d never been apple picking before that. But as a born and raised Vermonter, he had much to teach me about apples. And that was – they make an excellent apple pie. The husband is completely obsessed with apple pie. It’s his favorite dessert and one that he will eat for every meal of the day. I’m not even kidding. Each time I make an apple pie it is gone within one or two days, and he’s the only one that eats it since I’d rather have cinnamon roll fondue or something lathered in way more chocolate than most people eat in a week…month.

So when we recently went apple picking at the cutest little farm, all he had on his mind was apple pie. The first question – “how many apples do we need for two pies?” The second question, “is this enough to make 2 big apple pies?” The third question, “You are sure this enough? It will make two pies??” Clearly, snacking on these picked apples were not in his plans – they would be for apple pie making and apple pie making ONLY.  Oh, and there had to be 2 pies. Because that was clearly very important too!… 

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{No-Bake} 4-ingredient pumpkin brownie cookies

No Bake + 4-ingredients Brownie Pumpkin Cookies

A delicious no-bake cookie that is only 4-ingredients and packed with chocolate-y pumpkin flavor! 4 ingredients NO BAKE Brownie pumpkin cookies! #pumpkin #brownie #chocolate #nobake #cookie Have you all heard about those crazy awwwwesome 2-ingredient brownies? The ones that combine a brownie package and some canned pumpkin? I’ve always wanted to try them, but never gotten around to it. And what started as a good intention to try them, ended up in one of my new favorite Fall treats – these no-bake brownie pumpkin cookies.

Basically, borrowing from the idea of 2 ingredients, but making them into no-bake, cookie-delicious, awesomeness. Somehow, that sentence made more sense in my mind…

These cookies pretty much taste like straight brownie-pumpkin fudge. They are rich and they are flavorful! And with four ingredients, you really can’t go wrong. Technically three ingredients depending on if you add the spice or not since it is entirely optional. Without adding pumpkin pie spice, these don’t have too much of a pumpkin flavor. Which is kind of cool too. If you choose to not go the pumpkin flavor route, they are pretty much a slightly healthier version of brownie cookies – I mean they still have all the sugar and what not in the brownie mix, but you wouldn’t be adding eggs or oil so a little bit healthier…. 

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Homemade Halloween Marshmallows


A tutorial with plenty of tips and tricks on how to make the best homemade from-scratch vanilla marshmallows. Plus a cute way to decorate them up for Halloween!

A tutorial with plenty of tips and ticks on how to make the best homemade from-scratch vanilla marshmallows

Growing up, my family drank a lot of hot chocolate. I think pretty much everyone loved it and when it was cold outside – we could each down a few mugs of it. I was the only one who never liked hot chocolate plain.

I either had to load it up with tons of marshmallows, wait til they melted, stir em in really well, and then drink it OR eat it with toasted bread. If that bread had jam, even better. Is that weird – to dip strawberry covered toast into steaming hot chocolate? It was my favorite breakfast of choice on an especially cold morning…. 

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{Slow Cooker} Cinnamon Roll Fondue with 20-minute Miniature Cinnamon Rolls


A slow cooker cream cheese glazed fondue with 20-minute miniature cinnamon rolls on a stick. This is the perfect party food and an all around great dessert!

Crockpot cinnamon roll fondue with 20-minute no rise miniature cinnamon rolls!

I have seriously been dying to share this recipe with you all! I had the concept for it about two months ago and then experimenting ensued. When I finally had something I was totally in love with, I just had to get around to taking pictures which was proving a bit difficult as we kept eating this at night as a dessert. But anyways now IT’S HERE! And I am so excited.

Because fondue is just the best. It’s fun to do with family, at a party, during a game (hint. football!), or errr absolutely by myself. Which by the way, I totally had a solo cinnamon roll fondue party at 9:30 AM the other day while the babe was sleeping and I finally had a chance to take these pictures. It was awesome.

Crockpot cinnamon roll fondue with 20-minute no rise miniature cinnamon rolls!… 

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