{Slow Cooker} Poppyseed-Chicken Quinoa


 A deliciously healthy and easy poppyseed chicken quinoa dish made in your slow cooker. This is healthy comfort food at its best. PLUS a stove-top method for this meal as well.

Crockpot Poppyseed-Chicken Quinoa - healthy and easy to make!

If you’ve been following my on Instagram, you may have seen a few pictures from the vacation I’ve been on. The husband, babe, and I were able to go home and visit both our families (my family and my in-laws) which was an absolute blast.


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Peanut Sauce Chicken Stir-Fry


A simple, under 30 minute meal including chicken and red bell peppers tossed in a delicious peanut sauce over a bed of jasmine or white coconut rice and garnished with peanuts, cilantro, and sesame seeds. A meal the whole family will love!

A simple, under 30 minute peanut sauce chicken stir-fryWhen I go to a restaurant I take forever to order. For me to order something, a lot of consideration goes into the decision. (It’s okay, you can laugh. My husband gets a kick out of it.)… 

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Hawaiian Luau Stuffed Shells

Hawaiian Luau Stuffed Shells

Special thanks to Collective Bias and its advertiser for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. These pasta shells are stuffed with tender shredded chicken mixed with ricotta cheese. They are positioned over a layer of enchilada sauce and covered with a thick mango glaze. Tangy, refreshing, and simple to make.

Hawaiian Luau Stuffed Shells
These stuffed shells are unlike any shells I’ve ever had.


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Almond, Berry, and Chicken Spinach Salad


A healthy and incredibly simple spinach salad topped with chicken breast, strawberries, blueberries, toasted almonds, feta cheese, clementines, a squeeze of lemon, and a balsamic vinegar dressing.

Almond Berry and Chicken Spinach Salad with a delicious and easy dressing!

So, salad. It’s been a while.

Well at least a while since I’ve posted salad on this blog. (Don’t worry Mom. I’m still eating my greens and my veggies.)

Unless you count the tortellini pesto pasta salad. I mean it was kind of a salad. Just not a green lettuce type of salad…. 

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One Pot Quinoa & Vegetable Dish

Quinoa and vegetable with chicken ONE POT dish!

An easy and healthy dish – everything is combined in one pot, simmers, and is ready to eat in under 30 minutes. This dish includes tri-colored quinoa, yellow and orange bell peppers, zucchini, shredded chicken, and a cilantro-lime flavoring. Lots of options for vegetable substitutions included.

One pot Quinoa and Vegetable Dish

That’s right everyone. I’ve got another meal that is under 30 minutes and only uses one pot!

I love when dinner comes together like that. Super easy, and no fuss. Plus minimal dishes. I mean – one pot and a cutting board + a few measuring cups is what you’re looking at if you make this meal.

Oh and did I mention how healthy it is? Last selling point on this dish: if you aren’t a fan of some of the vegetables listed above (or the meat) read on, because I have plenty of substitutions for you to try out!… 

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Chicken Rice Vegetable Soup


A chicken broth based soup chock-full with good for you vegetables, shredded chicken, a Knorr chicken-flavored-broccoli Rice Sides, and seasoned with thyme leaves. A hearty, healthy, and delicious soup.

Chicken and Rice Vegetable Soup

So many good things are going on in this soup. Like first, the heat factor. And no, this soup isn’t like a spicy kind of heat. I mean hot because it’s soup. And hot soup is the only way I know how to deal with the feet and feet of snow right outside my door…. 

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