Easy Chicken Curry and Rice {One Skillet}

one pot easy chicken curry

An incredibly simple chicken curry and rice dish with fresh vegetables. This dish is all made in one pot (even the rice) and can easily be customized to personal preference. One Pot Chicken Curry

I’ve had quite a few comments and e-mails asking for some Australian-inspired food! I can’t even begin to explain how inspired I’ve been with food and recipes since being here, but it’s hard to put a finger on what “Australian” food is.

We’ve eaten out A LOT. And I say that feeling like the caps are still an understatement. We want to really take advantage of being here and trying all the new places. So although I’ve been so inspired by all types of foods and tried many different things that I typically wouldn’t, I don’t know that I really have an “Australian dish” for you all. At least, not yet.

I can tell you what seems to be very popular here – meat pies (still can’t find that appetizing, but I’m not a huge “meat” person), lots of muesli, tons of pastries (different from America and YUM), vegemite on toast (definitely an acquired taste in my opinion – it tastes like straight iron), and biscuits which are basically unique types of cookies.  Oh yeah, and I even saw kangeroo meat at the local market!… 

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Cream Cheese Chicken Tortellini Bake


A delicious cream cheese and Parmesan chicken bake with broccoli and tortellini. This delicious casserole is comfort food at its best!

EASY Cream Cheese Chicken Tortellini Bake - all put in one casserole dish (even the unbaked tortellini) and baked! #dinner #chicken #casserole #tortellini

Aaaand it’s Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Ours is pretty much a blur already; they go by too quickly! But I will tell you one thing, I worked super hard on an exciting thing coming to the blog soon… I am so excited!!

It’s not as big as the book I wrote about starting a blog, but it’s going to be pretty great :)

I’ll give you some hints, but don’t hate me for saying these things already… First, it has to do with Christmas. (I know, I know….). Second, it has to do with Christmas gift giving. Since running a blog, I’ve come to understand (at least a little bit) why stores bring out holiday (and particularly Christmas) stuff so early. It’s for planners like me. So I can buy the things, create stuff with those things, and post it giving you all plenty of time to plan for and then replicate it before the holiday has already come and gone.

I like to be way planned out and have everything done in advance. You remember when I had pumpkin recipes and it was still about 90 degrees outside, right? :)… 

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{One Pot} Chicken, Rice, & Veggie Fajita Bowls

Fajita bowls1

This one pot dish tastes just like fajitas without the tortilla! (But you can definitely use them if you want!) This meal takes less than 30 minutes, is all made in one pot, and is full of flavor while keeping the ingredients to a minimum.

One Pot Chicken & Rice Fajita Bowls I via chelseasmessyapron.com I #fajita #onepot #under30minutes #easy

Two one-pot meals two posts in a row?! You can probably guess that someone is getting molars right now. Hint: I’ve already got mine. Yeah, the little guy hasn’t been feeling the greatest in these parts and we can feel one poking through in the back. (Poor little guy!)

And since he doesn’t take teething too well… there’s been a lot of tears, a few tantrums (okay maybe more than a few), some mega-clinginess, and lots of snuggles/back-scratches (<–he loves those). Which means, when I go into the kitchen to make food, he’s not loving that. Chopping vegetables with a baby on my hip? I’m pretty sure I look really awesome in the attempt. (Read: not so awesome.)

So these one pot meals are seriously a lifesaver. Which, P.S., I see a lot more coming in the future of CMA since, well, he’s got a lot more teeth that need to come in. The great news is, this meal definitely made him feel much better; he absolutely loved it. Which, I have to admit, with all the veggies, I was skeptical how much he would like it. But, seeing as he ate pretty much the same portion that I did, this recipe is a keeper!… 

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{One Pot} Creamy Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice Divan

Broccoli Chicken Rice 1

This delicious and lightened up creamy chicken, broccoli, and rice divan can all be made in one pot and in under 30 minutes. It’s filled with flavor and keeps the ingredients to a minimum!

Easy, 30 minute, ONE POT Chicken divine with broccoli! #dinner #chicken #onepot #easy

I have been completely overwhelmed with the awesome responses on the reader survey. Seriously, you guys are the best <3! Thank you!! Oh, and then there’s my mom who specifically requested that my blog include pictures of her grandson in every post ha! Yes, I know that is you mom! :) (And if you haven’t taken it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!)

I’ll let you all know the results when it’s all finished up. But for now, I’ve got some more yummy one-pot goodness. Plus I healthified it a bit – a lightened up creamy chicken, broccoli, and rice divan in one pot and thirty minutes. Oh yeah!


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Baked Teriyaki Chicken with a Sriracha Cream Sauce

chicken teriyaki1

A delicious and simply baked teriyaki chicken over rice and covered in a spicy 3-ingredient sriracha cream sauce. This dinner takes minimal preparation time and is healthier since the chicken isn’t fried.

Easy baked teriyaki chicken with a 3-ingredient sriracha cream sauce.

Not too far from our house there is a massive mall. One that we frequent far too often.

There’s a puppy slash animal shop that we spend way too long in and talk about all the dogs we are going to buy, but then end up not buying any said dogs because the baby is a terror to dogs. He has no concept of being gentle, and well, we don’t feel ready to have a tiny little puppy with him being so rough. Did I tell you about how he practically ripped the lips off my dog when we were in Utah? Yeah. That was bad.

Then there’s my favorite shop that the husband dreads me going into because he can’t get me to leave. Ever. It’s called Williams Sonoma. And P.S. this past weekend they were baking pumpkin bread in their store and have all the pumpkin candles lit, and being there feels like my happy place. I mean, it’s got to be my happy place because I can’t stop smiling. And touching all of the dishes and wishing I could just move into the store and smell the bread and candles and bake in all the dishes and cut with all those knives all day long.

It’s definitely my happy place.


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{One Dish} Quinoa Chicken Parmesan Casserole

chicken parm quinoafirst

A one-dish chicken Parmesan casserole with quinoa – all the ingredients get put in a casserole dish and baked – no need to pre-cook the chicken or quinoa!

A ONE DISH chicken parmesan casserole with quinoa. Healthy and delicious!

Right after the husband and I came home from the hospital after having little Grey, my sister-in-law brought over dinner for us. It was chicken Parmesan and I still remember that meal. Best kind of comfort food right after having a baby, I’m telling you that! Not to mention my sister-in-law can cook and she can do it welllll.

This is probably completely crazy, but that was my first time having homemade chicken Parmesan. And as life-changing as it was, I still don’t make it that often. The reason? I kind of really hate cooking chicken in a skillet. I know, crazy right. I don’t know what it is about cooking chicken in a skillet on the stove-top, but I drrread it.

So one of my favorite meals never gets made and, well, to be honest, the Olive Garden version has nothing on homemade chicken parm…. 

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{Slow Cooker} Sweet potato, chicken, and quinoa soup


A deliciously easy and incredibly healthy broth-based chicken, quinoa, and sweet potato soup made in the crockpot. 

Crockpot sweet potato, chicken, and quinoa soup. SO good and super healthy!So you may be thinking it’s too early for soup. Or maybe where you are living it hasn’t quite cooled down enough to make the thought of soup even the least bit appealing.


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{Slow Cooker} Salsa Verde Chicken Soup

salsa verde soup

This healthy and made-in-the-crockpot soup is flavorful and has a deliciously spicy kick. Made with chicken, salsa verde, corn, black beans, and optional toppings of avocado, sour cream, cilantro, and lime juice this soup is not only flavorful, but very healthy as well!

So healthy and simple Crockpot soup! Salsa verde chicken with lots of customization options #soup #cleaneatingHow do you feel about salsa verde? Flavors – I am so in love with. Color? Not so much. It actually kind of freaks me out a little bit. So it’s a good thing it tastes so great. And makes this soup taste so deliciously yum.

If you’ve never had salsa verde, you’ve got to get on that. There’s nothing quite like it. Regular salsa uses red tomatoes, and salsa verde – it uses tomatillos giving it a tangy and zesty flavor while still staying true to the chili and onion flavor. All the flavors just work…. 

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{Slow Cooker} Poppyseed-Chicken Quinoa


 A deliciously healthy and easy poppyseed chicken quinoa dish made in your slow cooker. This is healthy comfort food at its best. PLUS a stove-top method for this meal as well.

Crockpot Poppyseed-Chicken Quinoa - healthy and easy to make!

If you’ve been following my on Instagram, you may have seen a few pictures from the vacation I’ve been on. The husband, babe, and I were able to go home and visit both our families (my family and my in-laws) which was an absolute blast.


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Peanut Sauce Chicken Stir-Fry


A simple, under 30 minute meal including chicken and red bell peppers tossed in a delicious peanut sauce over a bed of jasmine or white coconut rice and garnished with peanuts, cilantro, and sesame seeds. A meal the whole family will love!

A simple, under 30 minute peanut sauce chicken stir-fryWhen I go to a restaurant I take forever to order. For me to order something, a lot of consideration goes into the decision. (It’s okay, you can laugh. My husband gets a kick out of it.)… 

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Chicken Taco Pasta Salad with Catalina Dressing

Best EVER Chicken Taco Pasta with a Catalina Dressing

A simple shredded chicken flavored with taco seasonings and tossed in a shredded lettuce and pasta salad. A simple homemade Catalina dressing covers this delectable salad.

Best EVER Chicken Taco Pasta with a Catalina Dressing

So this salad, I just made on a whim. Not for the blog, just for a quick lunch…. 

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