Grilled Honey-Lime Chicken over Cilantro-Lime Quinoa

The BEST marinated honey-lime chicken with a Greek yogurt avocado sauce

The juiciest and ultra-tender marinated chicken grilled and placed on a bed of cilantro-lime quinoa. Serve with fresh veggies and this delicious Greek yogurt avocado dressing.BEST ever grilled honey lime chickenHappy Friday!! How about some easy marinated grilled chicken to kick off your weekend? And not just any marinated chicken – this is honesty some of the best I’ve ever had.

It feels like I’ve been holding back on you guys – no grilled chicken recipes yet this summer and we are officially at the last day of July. The reason it’s taken me so long? I’ve been working really hard trying to perfect this recipe – I wanted it to be some of the juiciest and most delicious grilled chicken. And finally, this recipe is ready!

Not only do I have the marinade recipe for you, but also a great way to serve it — with some cilantro-lime quinoa, a side salad (lettuce, tomato, avocado), and a secretly healthy creamy avocado-cilantro dressing. But don’t worry – the chicken is good enough to stand alone (or even just with that dressing) so this meal can be done in a flash if that’s what you need! But if you do have the extra time, preparing the salad and quinoa as sides will be well worth the time spent!… 

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{Flourless + Healthy} Chocolate-Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes

Healthy + Flourless Chocolate-Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes

These delicious pancakes are made super healthy with lots of good-for-you swaps such as a mashed banana, Greek yogurt, oats, coconut oil, and dark chocolate! {Gluten-free recipe}

FLOURLESS + HEALTHY Chocolate-chip oatmeal cookie pancakes with Greek yogurtReturn of dessert for breakfast! Seriously though, these little pancakes taste like a full-on dessert. Not that I’m sick of eating cookies for breakfast because I don’t think that will ever get old, but it was time to try something new.

And since the creation of these I have been going crazy experimenting with different types of dessert-like pancakes that are also healthy and flourless. So stay tuned :) Especially come pumpkin season because yes, I have already been baking with pumpkin for you guys (A LOT of pumpkin baking) and it is taking a lot of will power to keep from publishing some pumpkin pancakes this very day. Sneak preview: they are divine.

However as pumpkin obsessed as I am, I think these are my favorite for right now. I’m totally a sucker for anything oatmeal cookie tasting…. 

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Healthier Flourless Monster Cookies

Flourless and Healthy Monster Cookies

A healthier version of the famous monster cookies.Flourless and Healthy Monster Cookies I know I’ve said it before (it has even been mentioned on my “about” page), but a spoonful of peanut butter with dark chocolate-chips on top is one of my favorite go-to snacks. Anyone else? Other variations include (but are not limited to) raisins on a spoonful of peanut butter, crushed oreos on a spoonful of nutella, apple slices dipped in cookie butter, milk chocolate-chips on top of cookie butter AND nutella, crushed nuts on a spoonful of peanut butter (nut overload!), and a new favorite – M&M’s topped on a big spoonful of peanut butter. If you haven’t had a huge spoonful of peanut butter topped with M&M’s, you are definitely missing out!… 

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Healthy Dole Whip

Healthy and Easy Dole Whips

A healthy soft-serve dole whip smoothie made with tropical and good-for-you ingredients.

Healthy Tropical Dole WhipThis summer has been scorching hot! I keep telling myself it’s because I’ve been in Cleveland the past couple of years and forgot what a Utah summer is like. I don’t think Cleveland ever even got close to be in the 100 degree range while I lived there, but we’ve been in the 100 range quite a bit here in Utah these past couple of weeks…. 

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Healthy and Flourless Zucchini Muffins

Healthy + Flourless Zucchini Greek Yogurt Muffins

These flourless zucchini muffins are made with healthier swaps such as Greek yogurt, dark chocolate, and coconut oil. (Gluten Free Recipe)

Healthy + Flourless Zucchini Greek Yogurt MuffinsSo…there is already a zucchini muffin recipe here on the blog that is healthier and absolutely delicious. However, it’s not flourless, so naturally there was a need for another zucchini muffin recipe. Right? Right! I wasn’t sure I was convinced there was a need for another zucchini muffin recipe, but when an awesome reader emailed me and asked for a gluten-free version of zucchini muffins, I knew it was time to start experimenting!

My sister is gluten-intolerant and loves when I make treats that she can eat. Especially when those treats taste great too. :) These muffins are packed with good-for-you ingredients and gluten free so long as you ensure your oats are certified gluten-free. I’ve also made these with dried currants which are definitely on par with the dark chocolate addition in these muffins. If you are a fan of dried currants + zucchini you are going to love the combo. Other healthy ingredients include Greek yogurt (vanilla flavored is the best in these!), coconut oil, and a mashed banana. The riper the banana the better these are!… 

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{No Bake} Healthy Breakfast Fruit Tarts

Healthy and Simple Greek yogurt no bake fruit tarts

These no-bake healthy tarts are filled with vanilla Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. A unique and delicious on-the-go breakfast!

Breakfast Fruit Tarts - no bake and healthy

One of my favorite things about summer is all the fresh berries and fruit that come with it. My in-laws have strawberry and raspberry bushes that produce the absolute best ever berries. I’m pretty excited to try some this season and to see if the babe can figure out how to pick his own.

He’s not the biggest fan of strawberries lately, but he adores raspberries. Except the sour ones – he always spits those ones out leaving bright red stains in the most convenient of places. :)… 

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Corn, Zucchini, and Avocado Pasta Salad

Simple Roasted Corn, Zucchini, and Avocado Pasta Salad

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Ronzoni, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RonzoniSummer 

A super simple and healthy roasted corn, zucchini, and avocado pasta salad. A great summer take along pasta salad that takes minutes to whip up!

Roasted Corn, Zucchini, and Avocado Pasta Salad

How was your weekend? And Father’s Day? Here’s a belated wish to all the Father’s for a wonderful Father’s Day and to know how grateful we are for you! Especially my own dad, my father-in-law, and my husband — the father of my little one (and a half!)

My cute sister-in-law came over this weekend and I taught her how to ice (royal icing) sugar cookies this week. It totally ignited in my the royal icing bug and on Saturday I decorated a ton of Father’s Day cookies — ties, wrenches, hammers, saws, and pliers. You can see a picture of how they turned out here!… 

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Simple Greek Couscous

Healthy skillet Greek couscous

An easy weeknight meal: 20-minute Greek couscous packed with veggies and protein. This vegetarian meal is hearty, filling, and packed with flavor.

Simple and HEALTHY Greek CouscousWith seven kids growing up, pleasing everyone for dinner proved quite the challenge for my mom. Inevitably there would always be someone that wouldn’t like something that she put in one of her dishes.

There were so many of us with so many varied preferences that it was extremely hard for her to keep track. That, and, she didn’t believe in making too many special adaptations for meals – what she made is what we ate. Obviously her mindset wasn’t something I always appreciated, but now, I definitely do. I’ll eat pretty much everything and enjoy trying new things…. 

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Slow Cooker Southwestern Fajita Quinoa

Crockpot Southwest Quinoa and Veggies2

Throw everything in a crockpot and forget about it! A super easy and healthy crockpot quinoa and veggie dish with southwestern fajita flavors. Chicken or ground beef can easily be added into the dish.

Easy crockpot southwestern quinoa - tasty and healthy!

I am seriously convinced this is the easiest meal to prepare! It’s one of those throw stuff in a crockpot and a few hours later a super tasty and healthy dinner is ready.

Plus the flavors on this one – WOWZAs. A little bit of a kick and a lot of flavor. Don’t be too worried about the kick though – it can easily be avoided if you aren’t a fan of that kind of thing. And on the opposite side, it can definitely be intensified! :)… 

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{One Pot} Pesto Chicken Tortellini

An easy one pot pesto chicken tortellini

A thirty-minute, one pot, simple dinner. Pesto chicken and sun-dried tomatoes tossed with tortellini and fresh basil.

An easy one pot pesto chicken tortellini

My sister recently graduated from high school (WAHOO!) and came over one afternoon to play with Grey and hang out for a bit. Naturally, I had to make sure she was well fed and so I made her this dish for lunch.

Let me just tell you, I’ve never seen her eat so much in one sitting. Ever. And a direct quote from this sister: “This is the best thing you’ve ever made!” Bold words, but man this dish is good!

Since there weren’t any leftovers from that lunch, I had to make sure to make it for the husband and he too went nuts over it. A meal that can be made in one pot, under thirty minutes, and make a crowd go crazy? Yes, this is the dish!… 

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Cheddar Ranch Chicken Quinoa Bake

Cheddar Ranch Chicken Quinoa and Veggies! Everything gets cooked together!

This post brought to you by Hidden Valley Ranch. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Chelsea’s Messy Apron. This cheddar ranch chicken quinoa bake is loaded with good-for-you ingredients plus lots of veggies. A simple casserole where the chicken and quinoa get baked in the same dish!

Secretly healthy cheddar ranch chicken quinoa bake - the creamy flavor comes from Greek yogurt!

Okay so you know how creamy foods are usually loaded with butter or high fat milk or heavy cream? Well, welcome to a whole lot healthier with this creamy dish. I’m talking chicken broth, low-fat milk, and a little bit of flour. And the cheddar ranch part? Well of course there is cheddar cheese, but I used reduced-fat (and couldn’t even tell a difference!), then GREEK YOGURT, and the newest, latest, and greatest Greek yogurt ranch mix.

It’s kind of crazy all of the healthier swaps I made in this recipe when it doesn’t even taste lower fat or calorie. It tastes like the real-deal, ultra-creamy, delicious comfort food. I’m trying to convince myself it is not in fact magical, because it kinda sorta does seem magical.

Are you freaking out yet about this recipe? Clearly I am…. 

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Creamy Tortellini Vegetable Bake

Creamy Tortellini and Veggie Bake

A creamy tortellini bake filled with summer veggies! This bake is sure to be a crowd pleaser!Creamy Tortellini and Veggie Bake2I can not believe it is June already. Where has this ENTIRE year gone?! Time goes by way too quickly!

HOWEVER… it is nice to be here at summer and already enjoying some very summery foods :) I broke out the healthy zucchini bread last week along with a few frozen desserts (this lemon berry slush being my favorite!) already. I’m in full-blown summer mode now!

And the babe is loving summer. He’s outside pretty much all the time and loves exploring AKA throwing dirt and rocks everywhere. We’ve also got to babysit my in-laws little dog (Mazie) while they are vacationing and he’s absolutely crazy about her. Even if the affection is not quite returned… In fact, poor Mazie is terrified of little Grey…. 

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